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Collection Name / title Author / interpreter Situation
Image archive HM Udaberriko kontzertua; 2010-05-08; Oiartzun; Herri Musikaren Txokoa; John Stewart; Xalbador eta Ihidoi; DIGITALA

Egilea: Soinuenea; Emaileak: Xalbador eta Ihidoi; Daniel Aire "Xalbador"; Gerard Ihidoi; Laurent Ascarain (gitarra); John Stewart; Urritz Vidal

Sound library NORTHERN LIGHTS; Music from Scotland

Paul Anderson; Donald Black; Graham Mackenzie; Moishe's Bagel; Sophie Ramsay; The Revellers; Alastair Savage; Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley; Ryan Young; Whyte

VI / 8
Image archive Highland Cathedral Pipes and Drums of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Accompanied by Millitary & Cellidh Bands V / 8
Image archive THE POWERFUL STORY OF THE GREAT HIGHLAND BAGPIPE Instrument of war; Part 2; Call to the blood Egilea: PATRICK KING and GRAHAME WICKINGS Emailea: ezezaguna V / 1
Image archive THE POWERFUL STORY OF THE GREAT HIGHLAND BAGPIPE Instrument of war; Part 1 Ladies from hell Egileak: Patrick King and Grahame Wickings Emaileak: Phil Collins, Capercaillie eta 100 Pipers V/1
Instruments BAGPIPE; SCOTTISH BAGPIPE Erakusketa biltegia; aerofonoak
Instruments PRACTICE CHANTERS; Bagpipe practice chanters

Ez dakigu.

Erakusketa biltegia; aerofonoak

Ez dakigu.

Bastero-txiki Biltegia
Instruments BAGPIPE

Ez dakigu.

Bastero-txiki Biltegia


I / 9
Sound library Secret Orders

Claire Mann; Aaron Jones

VI / 9
Sound library Tribal Waves

Clann an Drumma

VI / 8
Sound library Rolling Home; Scottish songs & ceilidh music

The Foundry Bar Band

VI / 8
Sound library The sound of the bagpipes; a military extravaganza

Hainbat emaile

I / 7
Sound library The Tartan Top Twenty; The Pipes and Drums; Scotland

Hainbat emaile

I / 7
Sound library HIGHLAND CATHEDRAL; Pipes and Drums


I / 7
Sound library FROM BLANTYRE TO BARCELONA; Songs of the Scottish anti-fascists and the International Brigade


VI / 6
Sound library O'Carolan's Dream Patrick Ball; Celtic Harp; Volume IV Patrick Ball I / 7
Sound library Feliz 2004 Música para todo el año Emaile ezberdinak Ernesto Schmied; Javier Sáinz; Jean Pierre Van Hees; Sergio Barcellona; Alicia Lázaro; Félix Sánchez; Los Talaos V / 9
Sound library Gothic Glories Christopher Page: Gothic voice The Richmond Consort The Binchois Consort The Choir of Westminster Cathedral IV / 9
Sound library Cathedral Music Emaile ezberdinak IV / 9
Sound library Fire & Grace Celebrating the rhythmic soul of Scottish music Alasdair Fraser: fiddle Natalie Haas: cello V / 2
Sound library La cornemuse ecossaise et 'the Edinburgh Military Tattoo'

Emaile ezberdinak

I / 9
Sound library Music of Northeast Scotland Cajun A; Cajun music cont Radio Scotland: Morse Shoe Harvesting 'Txalaparta' Rythum Emaile ezberdinak X / 41
Sound library Music of Northeast Scotland Music of Northeast Scotland X / 41
Sound library Orkaney Folk Music Emaile ezberdinak X / 41
Sound library Piobaireachd; Scots warpipes Piobaireachd; Scots warpipes X / 41
Sound library Pipers of Distinction: Greg Wilson Greg Wilson V / 2
Sound library Thunderstruck Gordon Duncan: Pipe V / 2
Sound library Pipe Major Donald MacLeod M.B.E. Pipe Major Donald MacLeod M.B.E. V / 2
Sound library World´s Greatest Pipers, vol. 11: Colin MacLellan Pipe: Colin MacLellan V / 2
Sound library Worlds Greatest Pipers VOL 12 Alaisder Pipers: Pipe Major V / 2
Sound library Va - Píobaireachd selection G.N.M. Stoddart B.E.M Greg Wilson Colin MacLellan Alasdair Gillies William McCallum V / 2
Sound library Pipers Of Distinction Pipe Major G.N.M. Stoddart B.E.M. V / 2
Sound library Ebb Tide Pipe Major Robert Mathieson V / 2
Sound library Écosse Scotland Emaile ezberdinak The Scottish Gas Caledonian Pipe Band; Blackeyed Biddy; Janet Russell & Christine Kydd; Ceolberg; Jack Beck; Catherine-Ann MacPhee; The MacCalmans; Donald Black & Murdo J. MacLeod; Robin Laing; Sangsters; Ian Hardie; Rod Paterson; Stephen Quigg; Gill Bowman V / 3
Sound library Zeltiar Sustraia Emaile ezberdinak John Kirkpatrick; June Tabor; Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick; Nic Jones; Ian Manuel; Dick Gaughan; Irish Country Four; Paddy Tunney; The Gaugers; Bob Roberts V / 2
Sound library Lochaber no more

The Boys of the Lough; Dave Richardson; Aly Bain; Cathal McConnell; Robin Morton

I / 9
Sound library Good Friends... Good Music; Buenos Amigos... Buena Música

Boys of the Lough; Tony McMahon; Arney Mckenna; Aly Bain; Cathal McConnell; Dave Richardson; Robin Morton; Vincent Griffin; Finlay MacNeil; Tom Anderson; Willie Johnson; Jimmy Cooper; Louis Beaudoin; Jay Ungar; Willie Beaudoin; Lyn Hardy; Kenny Hall; Eamon Curran; Robbie Hughes; Diedre Shannon; Tommy Gunn; Brendan Gunn; Pat Hanly; John Joe Maguire

I / 9
Sound library The Tannahill Weavers

The Tannahill Weavers; Alan MacLeod; Michael Ward; Roy Gullane; Hudson Swan; Phil Smillie

I / 9
Sound library Scottish Songs and Ballads

Rory McEwen; Alex McEwen

I / 9
Sound library Legacy of the Scottish Harpers; Volume Two; Robin Williamson Robin Williamson II / 10
Sound library The Dark Island Jimmy Blue and his Scottish Band II / 10
Sound library The English and Scottish Popular Ballads; Vol. 2 Ewan MacColl I / 9
Sound library Sound of Scotland Glasgow caledonian Strathspey & Reel Society.; Jigs Medley.; Billy Davidson.; Bonnie Drumore.; Colin Campell & His Highland Band.; Wistling Rufus.; Dysart & Dundonald Pipe Band.; Hymn Tunes.; Joe Gordon & Sally Lorgan.; The valley where the leven flows.; john Carmichael´s Ceilidh Band.; Sicilian dance.; Glasgow & Strathclyde Universities Officers Tarining Corps Pipe Band.; Pipe band marches.; David Solley.; Island Sheiling Song.; Lomond Folk.; Masacre of Glencoe.; Fergie Macdonald & His Highland Band.; Highland jigtime.; P/M tom Mcallister.; Ceilidh piper.; Peter Morrison.; Scotland the brave.; Ron Gonnella.; The Bonnie Lass o´Bon accord.; David Solley.; Harry Lauder Medley.; Calum Macleam.; Bel fiore.; Clifotr Hughes.;The Lord´s My shepherd.; II / 10
Sound library Second Grand Concert of Piping Emaile ezberdinak Saint Laurence O'Tool Pipe Band Quartet; Terry Tully; John Reville; Gerry Hanlon; Malcolm Robertson; Patrick Molard; John MacLean; Franco Melis; Orlando Mascia I / 7
Sound library Scottish traditional fiddle music Scotland's Greatest Fiddlers [Emailerik ez da ezagutzen] I / 7
Sound library Popular songs of Scotland; Sung in Gaelic Solley, David.;The Dark island.; The Lochies.; Shoals of herring.; The Marc donald Sister., Lewis sailing song.; Dancing on the sands.; The sound or mull.;The Old Rugged Cross.; The lochies.;My Sweet Auburn.; Na Siaraich.; Carloway.; Run Rig.; Air ain traigh.; Donald MacDonald.; The Road to Ness.; Na Siaraich.; Whisky´s My Delight.; The Lochies.; Wil ye No Come back again?.; I once loved a lass.; Norman MacLean.; Puirt-A-Beul.; Billy Uilleam Marshall.; Isle of my heart.; Donald MacRae.; The Thistle of Scotland.; II / 10
Sound library Melodeon Greats A Collection of Melodeon Masterpieces Emaile ezberdinak Peter Wyper; Daniel Wyper; James Brown; Fred Cameron; Peter Leatham; Pamby Dick; Jack Williams; W. F. Cameron; William Hannah I / 7
Sound library 4rt i 5è Festival Internacional de Música Popular Tradicional; Vilanova i la Geltrú (1984-1985)

Patrick Molard; Kornog; Angel Valverde; Angel Rufino de Haro; Ronhofer Bock un Leiermusik; Joe McKenna; Antoniette McKenna; Elena Ledda; Cooperativa musical del Ebro

II / 9

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