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Collection Name / title Author / interpreter Situation
Instruments DAN MOI Erakusketa; idiofonoak
Instruments TONG

Ez dakigu.

Erakusketa biltegia; idiofonoak
Instruments VOGEL FLUITJE; Txori flauta

Ez dakigu.

Erakusketa biltegia; aerofonoak
Sound library Guimbardes du Monde; Jew´s Harps of the Wold Trân Quang Haï: auteur, compositeur et interprete I / 5
Sound library Memory of the Peoples Memoire des peuples [Emailerik ez da ezagutzen] I / 3
Sound library Viet Nam Ca Tru & Quan Ho; Traditional Music; Musique Traditionnelle: Ca Tru and Quan Ho of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam; Ca Tru et Quan Ho de la République Socialiste du Viet Nam Emaile ezberdinak Hai Cai; Phuong Dua; Van Tich; Manh Thang; Ba Manh; Tu Van; Son Ma; Nam Dang; Sau Ha; Huynh Bat; Công Huynh; Ba Trong; Nguyen Ngoc Trac; Hai Lam; Phuon Dua I / 2
Sound library Vietnam Viet-Nam; Hát Chéo; Traditional Folk Theatre; Theatre Populaire Traditionnel Emaile ezberdinak The teachers of the Hát chëo; The ensemble of the central troupe of popular theatre of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam I / 2
Sound library Viêt-Nam Instruments et ensembles de musique traditionnelle Emaile ezberdinak X / 51
Sound library Asie du Sud-Est Southeast Asia Emaile ezberdinak Nguyên Vinh Bao; Trân Van Khê; Maung Maung; Maung That Win; Orchestre hsaing waing; Sein Kyi Win; Ya Mon Na; Dajeuhkolot herriko musikariak; Gamelan Gong Pelegongan; Wayan Lotring; Orchestre Pinpeat et choeurs; Nouthong Phimvilayphone V / 3
Sound library Viet-Nam II Court Theatre Music; Hat-bôi; Viêt-Nam II

Emaile ezberdinak Kèn instrumental ensemble; Van Lua; Van Long; Van Dap; Hanh; Bà Nam Do; Châu Ky; Duong Ngoc Bây; Kim Thanh

I / 8
Sound library Viet Nam Tradition of the South; Tradition du Sud Nguyên Vinh Bao Trân Van Khê I / 2
Sound library Musica del Vietnam

Trân Quang Hai; Hoàng Mông Thuy

I / 8
Sound library Musical Sources Musicales [Emailerik ez da ezagutzen] I / 2

Page: 1 Total: 1 (13 records)

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