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Collection Name / title Author / interpreter Situation
Sound library The Fulani Les Peuls; Music of the Fulani; Niger / Northern Bénin; Musique des Peuls Emaile ezberdinak The Djelgobe Fulani of the region of Tera; The Fulani of the region of Northern Dahomey; Ibraahiima Arba; Haamidu Hamma; Mahamuudu; Sumaana; Braahiima; Aamadu-Burayma; Abdullay-Aamadu; Gadu; Damii I / 2
Sound library Afrique Africa Emaile ezberdinak Jali Nyama Suso; O. Sacko; Y. Diabaté; B. Diabaté; B. Kouyate; El Hadj Nagodgé Ensemble; E. Ngbozo; J. Samba; D. Ngadiké; R. Tarapai; R. Doko; Orchestre Tout-Puissant Likembé Konono; Nzu-Nlaza, Deftene Belete Mengesh; Orchestre Lukeme; Dawidi Owiti V / 3
Sound library Love Songs Chants d'amour [Emailerik ez da ezagutzen] I / 2
Sound library Music in the world of Islam Reeds & Bagpipes; Drums & Rhythms [Emailerik ez da ezagutzen] I / 5

Page: 1 Total: 1 (4 records)

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