Apocalypse across the Sky

Collection type:
Sound library 
Author / interpreter:
The Master Musicians of Jajouka Bachir Attar; Mohamed Bacari; Ali Nachat; Larbi Hlalli Attar; Mohammed El Hammadi; Ali Mojdoubi; Tahir Bokzar; Abdellah Sandaoui Attar; Abdellah Attar; Lahesen Brital; Abdeslam Bokzar; Abdellah Shirioui; Mokhtar Jaghdal; Mostapha Attar; Ahmed El Himdi; Abdellah Bokzar; Rahama Attar; Menana Attar; Rahama Attar; Hadoush Attar; Yamna Attar 
Class of music instrument:
Membranophones -> Stick-beaten drums
Membranophones -> Hand-beaten drums
Aerophones -> Flutes
Aerophones -> Reeds
Edition data:
Axiom; 314·510 857·2; 1992 
V / 7 
1. Gabahay. 6.02 2. A habibi Ouajee T'Allel Allaiya (4.12) 3. El Medahey. 7.05 4. Bujloudia 'Bujloudia Dancing with Aisha Quadisba. 5.46 5. alalilla 'About the Night'. 5.02 6. The Middle of the Night. 5.52 7. Bujloudia. 6.26 8. Jajouka between the Mountains. 5.55 9. Memories of my Father. 7.17 10. Mohamed Diha utalla Fiha (take care of her or leave her). 3.27 11. Sbar Yagelbi Sbar. 3.33 12. On Horseback. 5.14 13. Talaha L'badro Alaina. 3.00 
Music type:

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