Cambodia Folk and Ceremonial Music; Musique Populaire et Ceremonielle du Cambodge

Collection type:
Sound library 
Unesco Collection; Musical Atlas; 2EMI Odeon 
Author / interpreter:

Emaile ezberdinak Srey-Yim; Kêo-Phuong; Siem-Nhuong; Yim-Ya; Kâng Kuy; Tuk-Môn; Pinpeat orchestra of Siem Reap - Angkor; Chhuon; The shadow-theatre orchestra and troupe of the village of Ta-Phul (Siem-Reap - Angkor); Nap Chum; Krom phleng pinpeat orchestra

Music instruments:

Ahotsa; Sadev; Tro khmer; Pey-âr; Chapey; Skor arakh; Sralay khlang khêk; Skor khlang khêk; Kong chha-yam; Sralay thom; Sralay touch; Roneat ek; Roneat thung; Kong thom; Kong touch; Sampho; Skor thom; Chhing

Class of music instrument:
Idiophones -> Struck -> Directly
Stringed -> Plucked
Aerophones -> Reeds -> Double (oboe)
Edition data:
EMI; Odeon; 3 C 064 17841; 1972 
I / 8 

1- Bât Phleng Khlong; 2- Bât Ham Rong Srey-Yim; Sadev; Ahotsa Kêo-Phuong; Tro khmer Siem-Nhuong; Pey-âr Yim-Ya; Chapey Kâng Kuy; Skor arakh 3- Bât Phleng Khlong Srey-Yim; Sadev; Ahotsa 4- Bât Sampong Srey-Yim; Tro khmer 5- Roeung Moyolvong Tuk-Môn; Errezitatiboa 6- Chapey solo Tuk-Môn; Chapey 7- Khlang Khêk Pinpeat orchestra of Siem Reap - Angkor; sralay khlang khêk; skor khlang khêk; kong chha-yam Chhuon; Oboe 8- Nang Sbek Thom The shadow-theatre orchestra and troupe of the village of Ta-Phul (Siem-Reap - Angkor) Nap Chum; Errezitatiboa 9- Nang Sbek Thom Nap Chum Krom phleng pinpeat orchestra; sralay thom; sralay touch; roneat ek; roneat thung; kong thom; kong touch; sampho; skor thom; chhing 10- Krao Nay Pinpeat orchestra of Siem Reap - Angkor Chhuon

Music type:

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