Language: Basque, Spanish, English

The musician Gorka Bravo, from Vitoria, has published this work with the purpose of giving people who wish to learn to play the hurdy-gurdy (zarrabetea) a starting point from which to begin. The method has a theoretical section in which concepts such as fingering, repetitions, ornamentation, articulation and rhythm are explained. It is followed by some basic exercises and completed with the Ehun Doinuak (one hundred melodies).

How can we work with Ehun Doinuak in a self-taught way:

  1. Read the introduction

  2. Let's go to the final part of the book, where you will find a Didactic Guide. There, I will explain how to work on each song, the previous exercises you can do, recommendations, etc. and will accompany you throughout the learning process.

  3. In the didactic guide, we will start with Level 1, with the first song, Zazpi Jauzi. To do this, read the guide to the song carefully, which will tell you what readings you should do beforehand, hand placement, fingering, etc., and will also recommend some exercises to do before playing the song.

  4. After reading the guide, reading the theory and doing the exercises, you can go to the page of the song, in this case, page 146. There you will see, next to the title of the song, a series of details of where you can find the score. In this case, the transcription is from the group (talde) "Patxi eta Batbiru" and the disc "Mutxikoak, fandango... ". You can then search for the song on various platforms (spotify, youtube, etc.) and listen to it. After listening to it several times, so that it sounds familiar to you, we move on to the next point.

  1. First of all, we will work on the song slowly, without rushing, following the numbers and the zarrabetegrama below the notes. If you have the sheet music in Musescore format, this can help us, as the programme can play the song helping us with the reading of the score. To do this, just press the play key:

  1. If it is too fast, you can slow down the song by double-clicking on the tempo indication and entering a slower speed.

You can also change it pressing F11, and lowering the tempo bar.

  1. Once you have worked slowly, you can increase the speed with the help of the original recording. If it is still too fast, if you use YouTube, you can slow down the speed of the original song by clicking on the gear image.

Once the song has been studied, we can move on to the next one and continue like this until the end! Good luck!

Ehun Doinuak (partiturak)

Download scores (Musescore + XML)