Lockrop & Vallatar Ancient Swedish Pastoral Music

Collection type:
Sound library 
Musica Sveciae; Folk Music in Sweden 
Author / interpreter:
Emaile ezberdinak Anna Karlsson; Elin Lisslass; Karin Edvardsson Johansson, Tjugmyr Maria Larsson; Anna Moraeus; Nygards Elisabet Nordkvist; Märta Myhr; Gertrud Norberg; Calla Wagenius; Karin Ljungberg; Erika Johansson; Pelle Jakobsson; Carl Gustaf Färje; Sväs Anders Ersson; Evert Ahs; Olof Jönsson; Eugen Hällkvist; Kristina Nordin; Matilda Nord; Gölin Bredesen; Lena Willemark; Eva Rune; Agneta Stolpe; Susanne Rosenberg; Anna Aronsson; Jonny Soling 
Class of music instrument:
Aerophones -> Flutes -> Fipple flutes (two-handed) + kena
Aerophones -> Lip vibration (trumpet) -> Natural (with / without holes)
Edition data:
Caprice; CAP 214843; 1995 
V / 2 
Music type:

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