Taonga Puoro; Singing treasures; The musical instruments of the MaorI

Collection type:
Sound library 
Author / interpreter:

Brian Flintoff

Music instruments:


Edition data:
Craig Potton Publishing; New Zealand; 2004 
Bibliotekan XVI / 3 

CD 1- Pukaha; Songs from the forest. 2- Te Hekenga a Rangi. 3- Te Hekenga a Rangi. 4- Te Hekenga a Rangi. 5- Te Hekenga a Rangi. 6- Pukaha; Songs from the forest. 7- Te Ku Te Whe. 8- Te Ku Te Whe. 9- Te Ku Te Whe. 10- Te Ku Te Whe. 11- Te Ku Te Whe. 12- Karanga Voices Vol. 4. 13- Toiapiapi. 14- Toiapiapi. 15- Toiapiapi. 16- Toiapiapi. 17- Pukaha, songs from the forest. 18- Te wharekura 41. 19- Karanga Voices Vol. 4. Preface Introduction PART ONE - THE FAMILIES OF SOUND 1- Rangi, the Tunes 2- Hine Pu Te Hue, the Gourds 3- Tane, Father of Many Song Makers 4- Tangaroa, Father of Shell Instruments 5- Tawhirimatea, the Wind Voices 6- Raukatauri, Goddess of Flutes 7- Papa, the Rhythms PART TWO - MAKING AND PLAYING SINGING TREASURES 8- Instructions on Making and Playing 9- Ki Te Ao Marama, Towards an Understanding of the Art Forms Used Afterword References Selected Reading and Listening Sources

CD; Book 
Music type:
Herri Musika

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